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About the Institution of Engineering and Technology

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is Europe’s leading publisher of world-class digital and print engineering & technology content. As a membership organization, the IET is Europe’s largest professional body of engineers with almost 160,000 members in 127 countries. The wide-ranging portfolio comprises a number of research, letters (including the world-renowned Electronics Letters) and Open Access journals covering the disciplines of electrical, electronics, computing, control, biomedical and communications technologies.  Also available are over 400 eBooks, all located within the dynamic and market-leading IET Digital Library. IET Inspec, a highly respected A&I database with 15 million abstracts from a range of international publishers and IET.tv, the world’s largest online archive of video content are also available to support and develop engineering excellence. The IET’s extensive collection provides a collaboration of research and information in a broad spectrum of engineering and technology fields for the academic and research audience.

Visit http://www.theiet.org/publishing to find out more about our organisation.

About Editage

Editage, a brand of Cactus Communications, is a leading global provider of specialist English-language and scientific communication solutions to authors, journals, publishers, and corporations. Since its foundation in 2002, Editage has helped over 165,000 authors worldwide navigate the publication cycle with confidence. Known for its high quality services and its accomplished editorial team that comprises over 1,400 editors and publication experts specializing in more than 1200 subjects, Editage offers a range of services to help authors with varied publication requirements. They also provide educational resources to authors to help them build a strong understanding of the publication process and develop good publication practices. To know more about Editage, visit www.editage.com.

Author Services for IET Authors

Before submitting a manuscript, some authors may wish to have it edited for correct use of English, particularly if English is not their first language. Authors may also benefit from an expert technical review of their manuscript before submission. Even though language editing or a technical review does not guarantee acceptance by a journal, it plays a critical role in elevating the overall quality of a manuscript and improving chances of a favorable response from the journal. Editage provides English-language editing and manuscript review services at discounted prices especially for IET authors to help them prepare publication-ready manuscripts. You can find more information about our services here .